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Greeting from the owner


オーナー owner

​西浦 喜八郎  NISHIURA,  Kihachiro


Nishiura Ryokusido has been established since 1912, the first year of Taisho era, when Renpachi Nishiura moved to Tokyo from Tajimi city, Gifu Prefecture and opened "Nishiura Art Store" in Sasazuka, Tokyo.  Since the end of the Edo period, the Nishiura family has been focusing on manufacturing, sales, and talent development, such as producing and selling fine art ceramics, as well as introducing the works of local artists.  We were also actively engaged in overseas activities such as setting up a branch office in Boston and New York City, USA.



Gallery RYOKUSUIDOでは、従来の古美術品だけでなく、作家やアーティストのご縁を作り、我々が共鳴したものを選び、ささやかでもみなさまの心の応援になる作品を扱う事を目指しております。




"Time to communicate with art"
When I was a student, I was not interested in the art business and decided to study Earth Science at an American University.  At first glance, it seems that I chose a completely different field from our family business but soon after I had a fateful opportunity to embrace art.
Studying abroad, in a land where I knew no one, and I was often overwhelmed by loneliness.  At that time, my Japanese friend sent me a picture postcard of Moonlight Bodhisattva statue at Hokkedo (Sangatsudo), Todaiji temple. Seeing the picture of this Bodhisattva statue smiling at people regardless good or evil, rich or poor, and age or gender in a dark hall for nearly 1000 years, I naturally felt to calm and rays of light shone on the darkness of my loneliness.
Then, It occurred to my mind that "This is what art is.  It is one ray of light to illuminate our way of life and encourage us to step forward."

"A ray of light to illuminate the way of life and encourage our mind like moonlight"

At Gallery Ryokusuido, we cherish the connections with various artists, find works we resonate with, and aim to handle not only traditional fine antiques, but also resonating new art works to excite and encourage you.

I would like to state my mission, "Be a bridge between people",  "Lead a ray of light to encourage people", and "Enjoy myself".

Thank you


​西浦 喜八郎 NISHIURA, Kihachiro

1970 東京都渋谷区生まれ








米国オハイオ大学大学院 地球物理学学士課程修了

米国オハイオ大学大学院 地球物理学修士課程修了




古美術・西浦渌水堂 主人

Nishiura Style 代表

NPO法人「和親文化交流会 月のあかり」 理事長

一般社団法人日本南東欧経済交流協会 理事長


Born in Tokyo in 1970

An artist who expresses the beauty and spirituality of Japanese Culture, and a lecturer of art and culture mainly in the Unites States, Europe and Japan.






Bachelor's degree for Geologocal Sciense, Ohio Univeristy, USA

Master's degree for Geophysics, Ohio University, USA

Started Artist activities


<Current Career>

The owner of Nishiura Ryokusuido, art gallery

Representaive of Nishiura Style art studio

Chairman of NPO of culture and art for children, elders, and handicapped

Chairman of  Japan and Southeast-Europe Business Association

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