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Nishiura ware



What is Nishiura ware?

Nishiura ware is a co-production by the people of Mino.
There are three backgrounds that nishiura ware was born.
1) The mino ware is widely recognized now, but at the time it was called Seto ware, Mino-ware was not highly recognized. Therefore, we tried to establish our identity as Mino-ware and aimed for improving its quality.
2) At the opening of the Meiji era, in order to establish Japan's identity in the world, we tried to widely introduce Japanese craftsmanship as something that can be proud of to the world.
3) At the opening of the country, we emphasized trade with countries around the world, and tried to promote Japanese arts and crafts as a trade product.
Nishiura ware was born from the above three things. The production period was short and sometimes it was called the phantom ceramics. But the reason why many excellent products were introduced in such a short period of time was because many people in Tajimi City and Mino worked together to produce them. From each of the works, I can feel the pride of the Japanese people at that time to the world.
Participating in this project was an important event for Ryokusuido that is the concept of cherishing the relationship with beautiful people such as the flow of water.
As the present owner, I have not yet achieved this philosophy, but I'd like to begin establishing a relationship such as "Ryokusui" even if how small it is.

History of  Nishiura ware
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